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The Smart Predictor

Below is a sample stock (Apple Inc.) of how our in-house Artifical Intelligence algorithm works. This algoritm has been back-tested based on historical data and the below dashboard clearly shows that our predictions for this stock out performed the US market as well as the individual stock.

Stock of the day - Apple Inc.

Over All Score:


The above performance metric indicates that this stock is a "HOLD" for mid-term.

Similar predictions are made for short-term and long-term timeframes. Key questions like "When to buy?", "When to sell?", "Where to put the stop loss?", "is there a trend reversal indication?" etc. are all pro actively notified. Stop spending hours analyzing each and every individual stock charts for trends and technical indicators. Also, no need to manually research on a company's key fundamentals to take trade decisions!

Market Health Checker

Our machine learning algorithms inspired by our core trading principles, provide you near-real-time updates , so you never miss out on an opportunity - to update a Stop Loss or to enter a trade at a good value.

US Stock Market
as of 5/14/2021 15:47

Dow Jones Industrial Average34413.13(1.15%)
Nasdaq Composite13436.17(2.37%)
S&P 500 Index4176.79(1.56%)
Russell 2000 Index2222.21(2.36%)

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as of 5/14/2021 15:47

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as of 5/14/2021 15:47

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as of 5/14/2021 1:05:11 PM

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World Stock Market
as of 5/14/2021 15:47

BSE SENSEX48732.55(0.09%)
NIFTY 5014677.8(-0.13%)
Shanghai SE Composite Index7.4(-0.74%)
Nikkei 22528084.47(2.32%)
FTSE 100 Index7043.61(1.15%)

1.00 USD vs World Currencies
as of 5/14/2021 1:05:11 PM

British Pound Sterling0.71GBP
Australian Dollar1.28AUD
Canadian Dollar1.21CAD
Chinese Yuan Renminbi6.44CNY
Indian Rupee73.26INR
Japanese Yen109.36JPY

Crypto Currency values in USD
as of 5/14/2021 1:05:11 PM

Bitcoin Cash1299.59

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