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Our Products - for Stocks Trading

Business Development Manager

My Stocks Health Checker

This product is backed by our refined ML technology that performs a complete health check on your stocks and provide the results on a platter. Stop spending hours analyzing each and every individual stock charts for trends and technical indicators. Also, no need to manually research on a company's key fundamentals to take trade decisions!

Business Development Manager

Portfolio Risk Mitigator

This automation product is an outcome of our No #1 core trading principle- “Cut your Losses”! Risk mitigator is all about being pro-active and vigilant! Our algoritms would mine the stock market data and would notify you on trend reversal signals, Stop Loss price for a stock, long term and near term price swings.

Business Development Manager

Beginner's Rocket Starter

If you are new to the stock market or wish to kick start your trading and investment journey, this tool would do the hand holding- from getting you register on a trading platform (with a free stock and our expert analysis on that stock) to help strick your beginner's luck (pick the right stocks and invest based on your investment goals)!

Business Development Manager

Top Stocks Finder

The Pursuit of Success! - Our Crawler programs scan through the Stock market data regularly and pick the best stocks based on various KPIs followed by an expert review! Whether you want to invest in ETFs or high dividend yeild stock we provide you our top picks! Our buy alerts and weekly top picks are all packaged under this product.