About Us

Techrobotica is a Information Technology service provider offering wide range of products and services aimed at improving business processes and making an impact to our clients top and bottom-line.

The core ideology of this team is to innovate and automate as they principally believe that following the conventional development practices cannot help their customers achieve optimum ROI and more importantly cannot achieve maximum top and bottom line improvements

Our mission is to establish and nurture relationship with our clients, subscribers, implementation partners and consultants through process improvements, innovation, automation, commitment, integrity and passion.

Our services include fully customised end-to-end application development, ERP, Cloud Services & migration, data lakes, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting and busisness process automatation through Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence implementations.

We develop solutions that provide fusion of business practices and technical strategies - establish data governance, data quality and compliance frameworks.

Welcome to the world of Techrobotica! We pledge, to provide the most cost effective IT solutions to our customers and also extend the benefits to our IT implementation partners.

Our Mission

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End-to-End Application development - the techRobotica way!