tR Finance

“What stocks to pick?”, "When to buy?", "When to sell?", "Where to put the stop loss?", "Is there a trend reversal indication?" etc. are all pro actively notified to our subscribers and therefore, empowering them to take better trade and investment decisions.

How does it work?

The amalgamation of our core trading principles and power of artificial intelligence dramatically mitigate investment/trade risks and also ensures that the opportunity to ride winners are not missed. We follow a 3 level process to empower our friends to enjoy risk free yet extremely profitable investment journey.

Our machine learning programs that runs round the clock will bring all the results on a platter

Smart Predictions

  • Buy Signal
  • Hold Alerts
  • Stop Loss Shift
  • Stocks to Ignore
  • Momentum Swings
  • Trend Reverse Signal
  • Top Gainers
  • Recent News Impact
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